How To Get Found Online Through SEO

We all use it every single day. What is it? It’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine. We use these search engines to find all the things we need. What used to be handled by the phone book now happens through digital search. Now it’s one thing to understand how to use a search engine to find what you are in need of whether that be info on a product, service, location or something else, but it’s a whole different story to understand why search engines rank certain sites higher than others. In this post I will cover the basics of how to get found online through SEO.

How To Get Found Online Through SEO

To start, SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a term describing how well your site is structured and how much trust and authority you have established with google.

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a term that describes the files that actually live on your website. These include text, images and video. It’s very important that see files are optimized so google can properly read and understand what your site is all about. If you ignore this step you will just be hoping that google will find and index your site properly which will not happen.


Some tips to optimize your on page SEO would be to make sure to build your site on WordPress and use a SEO plugin like SEO Press Pro. After testing many different types of plugins I have found this one to be the best. The plugin comes with an SEO checklist for each page you build which allows you to input your desired keyword and from there will tell you what needs to be done for optimization.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is a term that describes how many other sites outside of your site are pointing links to your site. This is an extremely important part of SEO as it builds your backlink profile. Your backlink profile has a huge effect on your ranking factor as google sees these links from other sites as essential popularity votes for you. The more quality backlinks you have pointing to your site, the better chance you have of ranking on the first page for your desired keywords.

Off Page SEO

Some tips to start building your backlink profile would be to start build web 2.0 links through free sites like WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr. Another great resource for backlinks would be to issue a Press Release which syndicates an article about your site to hundreds of different marketing channels. Finally, the most powerful backlinks you can get are guest posts. Guest posts are when you reach out to a website that is in your same niche that gets a lot of traffic and you submit a piece of valuable content to be posted on their site will a link pointing back to your site. The trust from that website will push a massive amount of trust over to your site.

Why work with an SEO Professional

There is so much content online about SEO that it can make you feel extremely overwhelmed. If you are in that boat then you probably want to seek out a qualified SEO professional. When choosing the right company it can be tough because how do you know who to trust?

Here is a good check list when making your choice:

  • Do they have good client case studies showing first page rankings. You need proof that they know what they are doing.
  • Do they require long contracts. I advise you stay away from this because it traps you in regardless if they deliver results or not.
  • How available are they? If you can’t get your questions answered quickly they are not who you want to work with.

Another big question that comes up would be if you need to choose a company that is local to you? I recommend picking someone in your home country that is in or close to your time zone so if you want to get on the phone your schedules align. It’s not a requirement that you meet them in person because most SEO companies work remotely with clients. For example, my the SEO company I choose was Digital Product Pro SEO out of Orange county. I speak with the Michael, the owner, almost on a weekly basis. He always answers all my questions and sends me video reports explaining our current ranking progress and strategies moving forward. He also makes instructional videos to give you a better understanding of how SEO works. Check out one of his videos below on the Basics of SEO.


Affiliate Marketing 101

Every day that passes I see more and more affiliate marketing opportunities popping up all over the internet. Most of these affiliate platforms have a multi-level marketing set up or MLM for short which I highly advise you stay away from. In this post I will share what I believe are the best forms of affiliate marketing for you to pursue if you are going down that path.

To Begin, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service that someone else provides. When you make a sale through your promotion of that product or service you earn a commission by service as a middle person that connected buyer to seller.

What To Stay Away From In Affiliate Marketing

After years of experience in the world of digital affiliate marketing I can tell a few things I highly recommend you stay away from. The first being any company that pushes a network marketing concept where your job is basically to recruit other people into the same opportunity you have joined which earns you a commission. Whats the harm in that you may ask. Here’s how things always turn out with MLM. Originally you get recruited into the company which tells you how great their products are and then you later on come to realize your real job is not to sell their products, but to recruit more people into the same business opportunity you joined. Typically the products that these companies sell are very over priced and of poor quality because they need something to sell other than the opportunity it self to keep their legal status. I hope you now have a good understanding of why I do not recommend you get involved with any MLM company.

Legit Affiliate Marketing Options

Now that we have got the bad stuff out of the way, lets talk about actual legit opportunities in the affiliate space. The main point I want to get across is you need a real product or service that provides real life value, not just something to sell an opportunity. Secondly, when you earn affiliate commissions you don’t want the people who bought what you were promoting to be asking you for advice or support. The advice and support should come from the actual owner of the product or service you are promoting. This takes a ton of pressure off you and frees up your time to market more affiliate products.

Click Bank

Click bank has been the #1 site in the world for affiliate marketing opportunities for many years now. They have thousands of digital educational products that you can easily get an affiliate link for and start promoting. Their products offer real life value in just about every niche you could think of. Plus, if a buyer needs support they contact the product owner, not you.

Max Bounty

Max Bounty has been a leader in cost per action affiliate marketing or (CPA) for many years. The concept is similar to Click Bank but you can earn commissions without actually having to make sales. How does that work? There are many options on Max Bounty for leads, meaning that if you can drive traffic to the landing pages they provide for you and people submit their name, email and phone for more info, you can make commissions just for generating leads.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

There are many training programs out there claiming to teach affiliate marketing. The ones that are really expensive I would stay away from because they probably have an MLM structure build into them. There is really only one that is fairly priced for someone just getting started which is Wealthy Affiliate. Their pricing is very simple, free for the starter package and $49 for premium. The video below is from an actual Wealthy Affiliate member who shares is experience.


How To Become A Nomad

First off, what is a nomad? If you are looking for the technical definition it is “a member of a group of people that have no permanent home, and who travel from place to place to find fresh pasture for their livestock”. Thats a little out of date I know, because most people don’t travel with their livestock anymore. A more modern day version would be a single person or family that does not want to be stuck in one location due to a job or location they don’t like. A modern day nomad is a person who wants to call the world their home instead of one location.

How To Start The Nomadic Lifestyle

This is a tricky subject because every person in the world is in a unique situation. Lets cover the big issue first…Money. While money is not the most important thing in the world, it is a crucial part of survival in todays world. Not too many people know how to hunt for themselves or build their own shelter. So if you want the freedom to travel and live in multiple locations you need some form of passive income or the ability to work remotely from a computer.

Over the last decade, the idea of becoming a digital nomad has become very popular. These are people that leave their “safe & secure job” to go out on their own by offer digital service such as web design, search engine optimization, writing service and many more to other businesses that are willing to hire them remotely. It might sound risky, but this growing trend gives hope to those who want to escape the 9-5 Monday through Friday work week routine.

For a list of the most popular destinations for digital nomads you can visit the Nomadlist. Also, check out the video below for real examples of digital nomads who have taken the plunge into this lifestyle.