Every day that passes I see more and more affiliate marketing opportunities popping up all over the internet. Most of these affiliate platforms have a multi-level marketing set up or MLM for short which I highly advise you stay away from. In this post I will share what I believe are the best forms of affiliate marketing for you to pursue if you are going down that path.

To Begin, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service that someone else provides. When you make a sale through your promotion of that product or service you earn a commission by service as a middle person that connected buyer to seller.

What To Stay Away From In Affiliate Marketing

After years of experience in the world of digital affiliate marketing I can tell a few things I highly recommend you stay away from. The first being any company that pushes a network marketing concept where your job is basically to recruit other people into the same opportunity you have joined which earns you a commission. Whats the harm in that you may ask. Here’s how things always turn out with MLM. Originally you get recruited into the company which tells you how great their products are and then you later on come to realize your real job is not to sell their products, but to recruit more people into the same business opportunity you joined. Typically the products that these companies sell are very over priced and of poor quality because they need something to sell other than the opportunity it self to keep their legal status. I hope you now have a good understanding of why I do not recommend you get involved with any MLM company.

Legit Affiliate Marketing Options

Now that we have got the bad stuff out of the way, lets talk about actual legit opportunities in the affiliate space. The main point I want to get across is you need a real product or service that provides real life value, not just something to sell an opportunity. Secondly, when you earn affiliate commissions you don’t want the people who bought what you were promoting to be asking you for advice or support. The advice and support should come from the actual owner of the product or service you are promoting. This takes a ton of pressure off you and frees up your time to market more affiliate products.

Click Bank

Click bank has been the #1 site in the world for affiliate marketing opportunities for many years now. They have thousands of digital educational products that you can easily get an affiliate link for and start promoting. Their products offer real life value in just about every niche you could think of. Plus, if a buyer needs support they contact the product owner, not you.

Max Bounty

Max Bounty has been a leader in cost per action affiliate marketing or (CPA) for many years. The concept is similar to Click Bank but you can earn commissions without actually having to make sales. How does that work? There are many options on Max Bounty for leads, meaning that if you can drive traffic to the landing pages they provide for you and people submit their name, email and phone for more info, you can make commissions just for generating leads.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

There are many training programs out there claiming to teach affiliate marketing. The ones that are really expensive I would stay away from because they probably have an MLM structure build into them. There is really only one that is fairly priced for someone just getting started which is Wealthy Affiliate. Their pricing is very simple, free for the starter package and $49 for premium. The video below is from an actual Wealthy Affiliate member who shares is experience.